As the year is coming to a close and many of you are perhaps buying a map as a holiday present for someone, I couldn’t help but think how much people really like looking at maps and the really nice feedback I’ve gotten from many of you who’ve gotten one.  The kick you get out of seeing them is the same one I get out of making them.  This kind of person-to-person communication is irreplaceable and becoming more rare with each passing day in our tech world.  With any luck, we will be carried in Gift Guides for Boating, Coastal Boating, Phenomena and Sail Magazine and we should get a spotlight on Sport Fishing Television for the Florida Keys maps in the new year.  I also get requests all the time from interested folks who don’t see their particular area in the collection.  I certainly take these into account and go see what they are about, especially if I’m unfamiliar with a place.  Currently, I’m considering the Gulf Coast of Texas, a somewhat recently battered but clearly resilient and much-loved locale.  The winter is my most productive time to work so I’m actively thinking about next year’s projects.  Stay tuned for updates.  In closing, thanks to you all for continuing to be supportive of my work and for the kind interactions I have had with many of you.  It really is a big part of why I continue to do this work that started on a whim and is now approaching 20 years.  Cheers.


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