Who Do I Map? Thoughts on the Latest Group and the Larger Whole

pic-1We are proud to announce the release of the second of three collections of the entire Chesapeake Bay and surrounding area, depicting the iconic inland sea which spans some 150 miles north-to-south, in Maryland and Virginia.  This group completes the Maryland part and the final group, due out later this year, will encompass the entire Virginia portion.  It is a big undertaking but really provides a comprehensive look at the most significant body of water on the east coast of the US.  Studying this complex, diverse area has provided me a really challenging and rewarding task and we are really pleased with the results.  Viewing each map singly or as a group gives a really clear understanding of the contrasting land-water relationships that make up this immensely popular area of the mid-Atlantic region.

These maps are part of Coastal Art Maps’ growing oeuvre of hand-drawn, water-colored maps that encompass a significant portion of the east coast from Massachusetts to Florida.  These unique, detailed art pieces offer a valuable perspective on one of man’s enduring pursuits of knowledge.  This ageless love of maps; representing the attempt to master the 3-dimensional world in a 2-dimensional document, continues to fascinate despite the fact that the entire world is at our fingertips through electronic media.  These viscerally satisfying, accurate cartographic documents, displaying the endless variety of where the land and water meet, allow us a bird’s-eye view of familiar locales while fostering an understanding of their place in the larger geography of the country and world.  These keepsakes offer equal pleasure for both the expert collector and the casual novice, as well as for anyone who enjoys the seashore and its natural wonders.  I look forward to sharing this experience with all who join me in the enjoyable task of mapping our surroundings.


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